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Judaism and Zoroastrianism at the Dusk of Late Antiquity. Now: Lanham, University Press of America. Purity in Rabbinic Judaism. Rabbinic Literature and the New Testament. Philadelphia, Trinity Press International.


Judaismo Rabinico. Documentacion y estudios para el dialogo entre Judios y Cristianos. Androgynous Judaism. Masculine and Feminine in the Dual Torah. Macon, Mercer University Press. Jewish Book Club Selection. The Judaism Behind the Texts. The Generative Premises of Rabbinic Literature. The Division of Agriculture. Atlanta, The Talmuds of the Land of Israel and Babylonia. The Judaism the Rabbis Take for Granted.

Rabbinic Judaism. The Documentary History of the Formative Age. Bethesda, CDL Press. Structure and System. The Presence of the Past, the Pastness of the Present. History, Time, and Paradigm in Rabbinic Judaism. Supplements to the Journal for the Study of Judaism.

The Theology of Rabbinic Judaism. A Prolegomenon. The Halakhah of the Oral Torah. A Religious Commentary. And Volume One. Part One. Between Israel and God. Faith, Thanksgiving: Tractate Berakhot. Vocabulary: Native Categories. Epitomized in Handbook of Rabbinic Theology, below. The Theological Grammar of the Oral Torah. Syntax: Connections and Constructions. Semantics: Models of Analysis, Explanation and Anticipation. The Theology of the Oral Torah. Revealing the Justice of God. Rabbinic Judaism: Theological System.

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Boston and Leiden, E. Condensation of The Theology of the Oral Torah. Part A. Faith, Thanksgiving, Enlandisement: Possession and Partnership. The Brill Reference Library of Judaism.

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Part B. Inside the Walls of the Israelite Household. At the Meeting of Time and Space. Sanctification and the Marital Bond. The Desacralization of the Household: The Bed.

Volume V. The Desacralization of the Household: The Table. Foci, Sources, and Dissemination of Uncleanness. Purification from the Pollution of Death. The Theology of the Halakhah. Brill Reference Library of Ancient Judaism.

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The Four Stages of Rabbinic Judaism. London, Routledge. E-book edition, London, Taylor and Francis. How the Rabbis Liberated Women. From Scripture to The Pre-Rabbinic Beginnings of the Halakhah. The Halakhah and the Aggadah: Theological Perspectives. The Mishnah: Social Perspectives. Reprinted , Brill. The Mishnah: Religious Perspectives. Brill Paperback reprint: Baltimore, Chizuk Amuno Congregation. Published lecture. The Unity of Rabbinic Discourse. Aggadah in the Halakhah. Halakhah in the Aggadah. Halakhah and Aggadah in Concert. Dual Discourse, Single Judaism.

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  5. The Aggadic Role in Halakhic Discourse. The Mishnah, the Tosefta, and the Yerushalmi:. The Social Teaching of Rabbinic Judaism. Corporate Israel and the Individual Israelite. Between Israelites. The Theological Foundations of Rabbinic Midrash. Leiden, Paperback edition: Boston, E. Editor: The Mishnah in Contemporary Study. The Perfect Torah. Brill, Leiden. New York, Continuum.

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    Rabbinic Categories: Construction and Comparison. Joint Commission for Sustaining Rabbinic Education. Series: Scholars of the 21st century. Waco, Baylor University Press.

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    Is Scripture the Origin of the Halakhah? Lanham University Press of America. Grand Rapids, Baker Academic. With Baruch A. Levine and Bruce D. Chilton In preparation Judaism: The Basics. Talmudic Hermeneutics The Talmud of Babylonia. An Academic Commentary. A Complete Outline. University Press of America. The Talmud of The Land of Israel.